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Complete the form by providing a title and message.  The message should be detailed outlining the feature request you would like to see in production.  Once completed click “Save”.  Your entry will be submitted for review and published to the StratusVue Feature Request Forum.


You can browser existing Feature Request by the posted entries status using the tool bar.

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Feature Request Status

               Recent:  Newly created entry by a user of Plans and Specs

               Popular:  Trending in likes and bringing more awareness to the request

               Planned:  This Feature Request has been selected for development.  No production date has been assigned at this time.

               In Progress:  This is with our Developers to be included within an upcoming release.

               Deferred:  At this time this feature request is not under consideration

               Implemented:  This feature request was released to production and available for use.

               Not Taken:  This feature request will not be part of a release cycle and closed for consideration.

You can reply to exiting posts and follow those of interest.

Graphical user interface, text, application

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If you should like to show interest in an existing post, click on the title of the post and then click on “do you like this idea?  By liking existing post this will help advance the feature request along the life cycle of the request.