The option to transmit a commitment is located within the commitment.  When selecting transmit you will be re-directed to the transmittal form to be completed and sent.  When transmitting a commitment the commitment and all uploaded attachments will be sent to the recipient(s) of the transmittal.


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When a Commitment Transmittal is sent, the recipient will receive an email similar to the one that is shown below. Each of the links that is provided within the Commitment Transmittal email notification have different functionalities and return different things.



Section 1. Go the Transmittal in System

The number that is shown is the Transmittal number. When this link is clicked, users will be taken to the login screen (if they are not already logged in). Once the user is logged in, the system will take them directly the Transmittal within the Transmittals section. It is important to note that Transmittals permissions will need to be set in order for the Transmittal to be accessed. Please refer to 


Section 2. Download Attachments as zip file

This link will download all attachments that have been included to the Commitment Transmittal into a zip file for the recipient. It is important to note that at this time it is only used to retrieve the Transmittal attachments, the recipient will still need to use the Print with Attachment option below to retrieve the Commitment. 


Section 3. Print Transmittal without Attachments

This link will only print to a PDF the Transmittal cover sheet.


Section 4. Print Transmittal with Attachments *Not all Attachments may convert to PDF*

This link will print to a PDF the Transmittal cover sheet and It will include the PDF print of the originating Commitment (Subcontract or Purchase Order) print as well as any compile any attachments that are compatible for compiling into the PDF that are attached to the originating commitment and to the Transmittal

Note: This link is the only way to retrieve the PDF of the Commitment

Order of Print with Attachments:

Transmittal Cover Sheet

Compatible Transmittal Attachments (PDF, Image Files, Word Documents that are attached to the Transmittal)

Originating Commitment Print (Subcontract or Purchase Order)

Compatible Originating Commitment  Item Attachments (PDF, Image Files, Word Documents that are attached to the Originating Commitment)

Reasons an attachment file may not convert to PDF

1. File extension is not compatible with compiling

2. File has securities enabled

3. File is not a flattened PDF

4. File contains metadata/hyperlinks

5. File is a executable form


Section 5. Download Individual Attachments

These links are the listing of all of the available attachments to the Transmittal. All files shown in this list are what will be included in the Download zip link discussed in Section 2 above. Clicking on the file name will initiate the download of that individual file.