There are 2 ways that an RFI can be closed with the StratusVue Solution.


1. Mark a discussion response as the answer

Once an RFI has been responded to (see 4.7.2 Responding to a RFI), the reply will be posted into the discussion area of the RFI. Discussion replies can be marked as the answer to an RFI.

1. Navigate to the RFI that will be closed.

2. Scroll down to the Discussion section of the RFI to see the posted replies.

3. Select the checkbox (or checkboxes if multiple replies make the answer) and use the Mark Selected as Answer button

Note: It is important to note that in Project Defaults this button can be hidden from Project Members without the permission to Write to the RFI Section or RFI subfolder (please refer to 1.5 Project Defaults)


The RFI status will be updated to Closed and the RFI will be date stamped

The Reply(ies) that were selected will be automatically entered into the answer box.

The reply(ies) that were selected will be noted as marked as answer

Note: If advanced forwarding is setup for the project, this action will respond to the lower tier linked RFI.


2.  Change the Status to Closed via the status dropdown

1. Navigate to the RFI

2. Manually enter the answer into the answer box (if applicable)

3. Select Update to Save the answer

4. Navigate to the RFI Status dropdown and select closed

5. Select Update to Save the new status


Note: Changing the status dropdown to closed does not send any notifications. To send a closed RFI out, please refer to 4.7.5 Distribute RFI to Other