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Ways to Close RFI's

Once an RFI has been responded to and the discussion is complete, the RFI is ready to be closed. There are 2 ways in which RFI's can be closed in the StratusVue Platform Website. 

Mark Discussion Reply as the Answer (Recommended)

1. Navigate to the RFI that will be closed

2. Scroll down to the Discussion area of the RFI

3. Select the checkbox(es) that make up the RFI Answer and click "Mark Selected as Answer"

Admin Note: The Mark Selected as Answer button can be hidden within Project Defaults for users without Modify

The RFI status will be updated to Closed and capture the Date Closed

The selected replies will be posted to the Answer box. The Answer Box can be expanded by clicking the expand button to the left.

Admin Note: For projects using RFI Advanced forwarding, this posts the answer of this RFI to the linked sub-tier RFI

Manually Enter the Answer on Behalf of Responder and Close

This method is typically only used in projects where the answer is being typed in on behalf of the responder. If you are the responder, you should be Responding to RFI's and not following these steps. 

1. Navigate to the RFI the Answer is being entered for

2. Type the answer into the answer box and select Update to Save the answer

3. In the top status field, select closed in the dropdown and select Update. 

The RFI status will be updated to Closed and capture the Date Closed

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