Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) Report


This report will pull from the data that has been entered into an organization's tenant specific data regarding companies and people.  This tenant specific data is entered as a company prequalification and a bidder prequalification by each site member organization. The Diversity (DEI) Report is located within the Organizational Level reports and requires permissions to "View Organization Reports", located within the user profile. 

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For this report to be able to pull qualification data, the data needs to be entered into the company and person profiles of users. This data is entered within a company profile and within a user profile within the site. 


The Diversity (DEI) Report filter pulls information from both company and user data.

Company Data - Qualifications Entered to a Company Profile

Public Certifications

Company Information

Bidding Information

Unique Certifications


Preferred Job Cost Range


(Please refer to the additional Knowledge Base Articles provided at the end of this handout for how to pre-qualify a company.)


User Data - Qualifications Entered to a Person Profile

Type of Work Performed

Within a User's Profile, the is the opportunity to assign a discipline and CSI Codes. These assignments can be searched in the DEI Report


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After entering the filter criteria into the report filter, using the yellow search button to the bottom right will filter the report based on the entered filter criteria. The system will filter the report and the results grid below the search button will show the companies that meet the entered filter criteria. 


Once the report is filtered, it can be printed to a PDF using the print option in the top ribbon or a CSV file of all the filtered data can be generated by using the  CSV file link to the right of the search and reset buttons.

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The Results Grid


The results grid at the bottom of the report filters also has some built in functions. Each column is searchable to find something specific right within the results grid by typing into the white text box and using enter on the keyboard (or the filter icons to the right). 


The results grid also has it's own Excel export and PDF print:

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Excel Icon:  All of the data that is present with the filters applied and will only show the columns that have data within the columns based on the filters.

Print Icon: PDF file as the data shows within the results section of this report.  


 Additional Resources: 

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