Contract Change Order to move funds from one contract item to another contract item, while within the same change order moving funds from the corresponding estimate cost code to a different estimate cost code.  This directly affects the Contract Info Line items and the Estimate Info Cost code lines, this differs from an Internal Event (ICO) because and ICO only moves money within the estimate.


EXAMPLE: Need to move Owner Contract Contingency within the Contract Items and corresponding Estimate Items


Cost Management, Contract Events, Change Order, Create New.




Select one of the two contracts in the contract header and check the box "Allow multiple contract items".  Enter in the Subject and click save changes.



Create two items, the first item will be a deduct to pull the funds from the first contract.  The second item will push funds to the second contract.  When creating each item enter in the estimate cost code that corresponds to that contract.


NOTE: If the moving of funds should not include Mark-up, ensure the mark-up? checkbox is unchecked






Within each item of this Contract Change Order:

  • Item Contract is pointing to the Contract Info, Contract items.




  • The Cost Codes is pointing to the Estimate Info, Cost Codes.