Project Permissions:

-Project Permissions are defined by Site User Role.  Site User Roles are defined within Knowledge Base Article 1.8 User Roles. 

-Project Permissions are updated to be project specific under project members, project permissions. 

-Folder Access can also be modified within each section.  Knowledge Base Article 1.25 Project Permissions vs Folder Access.


Project Member permissions are automatically assigned to each project member profile when they are added to a project. The Permissions that are assigned to the project member are defined by the user profile's default user role. 


Project Permissions can then be further customized at the project level within a Project's Member's profile permissions grid. To open a Project Member's permissions grid:

1. Navigate to Project Members

2. Select a Project Member from the Project Members Grid

3. Select the Permissions tab to the top right hand corner


Folders require additional project permissions, no user roles will grant folder access to any sub-folders within project management. Please refer to Article #1.25 regarding folder access. 


Understanding the Permissions Grid:


When a section has sub-folders you will see an arrow to the far left, denoting there are sub-folders within that section.  Clicking on the arrow will expand that section and present the sub-folders. Each sub-folder will carry its own set of permissions. 


Example: Transmittal expanded will show the two sub-folders within the Transmittal Section.  Permissions can now be assigned for the Project Member to those sub-folders within that section. 



Read: Allows the user to see the Section or Sub-folder link. Allows the user to read ONLY items inside the Section or Sub-folder that they are assigned  (To, From, CC, Responsible, etc.) Allows for collaboration. Collaboration allows for the Project Member to upload attachments, participate in discussions, and add CC users (where applicable).

Read All: Must be layered on top of read. Allows the user to read ALL items inside the Section or Sub-folder, whether they are assigned inside the item or not. Allows for collaboration to all items inside the section or sub-folder. 

Write: Allows the User to author/create new items in the Section or Sub-folder.

Delete: Allows the user to delete items and folders within the Section or Sub-folder.



After all modifications are completed, click update to record those changes.  After those changes recorded, clicking close will refresh to the project members page.