There are circumstances that will cause a Submittal Item to need to be returned from review on behalf of the reviewing party. 


1. Navigate to the Submittal Package that contains the Submittal Item being returned


2. Upload any applicable Attachments to the Attachments Section


3. Select the item(s) being returned from review on behalf of the reviewer and select the Return From Review button


4. In the next screen, enter the date(s) the item was returned from review, if different then the day the return is being completed


5. Select the appropriate status for the Submittal Item(s) from the Status dropdown


Note: Returning notes can also be included for the item in the box available under each item


6. Select Save & Close to update the status of the item(s)

Note: Save & Transmit Package is for reviewers logging into the Submittal Package and using the same button, this button will auto-generate a Submittal Transmittal back to the listed Project Manager of the Package.