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About the Local StratusDrive

The local drive is not required for all project collaborators. Project Members with StratusDrive permissions will be able to access the StratusDrive section of the Document Module to view, download, and even upload files to StratusDrive from the integrated StratusVue website project. Some of the additional features available in the local version of StratusDrive that aren't available via the website or mobile app include:

1. Drag and Drop

2. Automatic Versioning of Files

3. Locking and Checking out Files

4. Drawing Hyperlinking (StratusLink subscription required)

Before installing the drive, please ensure that Required Anti-Virus Scanning Exclusions for StratusDrive have been reviewed with your IT Department.

Install the Local StratusDrive

This is under the assumption that StratusDrive profile for the user has been created. 

Installation will, in most cases, require local Admin credentials to complete. This could vary depending on each organization's IT Processes. 

1. Login to the StratusVue platform website.

2. In the top ribbon, select the "Get StratusDrive" button. This will begin downloading the most current StratusDrive executable file. 

Please note, if presented the below message, the logged in user has not been enabled for StratusDrive. Please contact with more details. 

(This would be a link to include the KB for enabling something or other - come back to me)

3. Once the download has completed, open the file to run the executable file

4. When the Install Wizard pops up, select Next

5. Select Install

6. Select Finish

7. At this stage, the computer will need to be restarted. Once everything is closed and the device is ready to be rebooted, simply come back to the below message and select Yes. (Selecting No will allow you to skip the reboot, but StratusDrive cannot be fully functional until a reboot of the machine is completed)

After the computer has been successfully rebooted, the StratusDrive Login page will be presented. 

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