To utilize StratusDrive as though it was a local drive on your computer it must be installed as directed below.    It is not required to install it locally to see the StratusDrive files in the web or mobile but you will be missing out on the advantages of having it installed locally:


  1. Drag and Drop locally
    1. Not waiting on the website for it to be stored in the cloud
  2. Automatic Versioning of Files
    1. If you have permission to update files, all you need to do is save the file and the new version is logged and the other users are notified
  3. Locking and Checking Files out



Install StratusDrive Locally

To be able to install StratusDrive locally the User has to be part of at least one StratusDrive Project inSage Project Center, Reference Here Point #2.


  1. Click on StratusDrive from the tool bar within the site.

Machine generated alternative text:
Contact us 
Release Notes

  1. Executable Download will present

  1. Click Save File, this will start the install.  
    1. Once completed the computer will need to be rebooted.  
      1. A new drive (Default - S:) will be installed on the computer
        1. The installer will have the option to select the drive letter of choice.   

Machine generated alternative text:
> 3D Objects 
Apple i Pad 
> Music 
> Videos 
Disk (C 
Lo-cal Disk 
Devices and drives (9) 
Apple iPad 
use Drive 
Local Disk 
use Drive T:) 
USB a:) 
USB Drive (G) 
Local Disk (S) 


  1. Now with the computer restarted, User will see the following login screen.  
    1. IMPORTANT: The email and password need to be the same email and password used to log into Sage Project Center. 

Machine generated alternative text:
s CPC 
Drive Settings 
C) Edit 
Nctify u 

  1. Login Screen Explained: 
    1. Drive Letter: Change the drive letter, only the available letters will present.
    2. Cache Drive: Leave as is - location of all cached data of the files.
    3. Language: Language presented within the drive.
    4. Notify on files/folders shared or updated: Sends automatic Windows notifications in the bottom Right hand corner when things are added or updated
    5. Display projects bar on start:  Projects bar will appear on start, allowing navigation between projects. 
      1. The projects bar can be closed by clicking red x 
      2. The Project Bar can be opened again
        1. Right Click on the blue "S" in the Windows Tray

Machine generated alternative text:
Turn Projects Bar On/Off 
X Close Drive Services

  1. Right Click on the"This PC" Drive installed for StratusDrive


With StratusDrive installed please go to the next section to see how to Navigate around Stratusdrive