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What is StratusDrive?

StratusDrive is a cloud storage service that resides locally on a computer and is linked to the StratusVue platform website project. In addition to being in the cloud, StratusDrive is a file management tool that allows versioning, permissions and sharing, as well as unlimited project storage. 

StratusDrive is a cloud-based service, which does require internet connectivity.

Ways to Access Documents Stored in StratusDrive

Files stored within StratusDrive are available locally (when installed), within the StratusVue platform website, and via the StratusVue Mobile Applications for users with assigned StratusDrive permissions. 

The Local StratusDrive

When the local StratusDrive application is installed, users are able to access StratusDrive documents through the Windows File Explorer. All access will be controlled by StratusDrive permissions assigned to each project participant.

The integrated StratusVue Platform Website Project's Documents Module

When logged into the project within the applicable StratusVue website, the StratusDrive section of the Documents Module is shown. Users with permissions will be able to access and upload files from this interface for the integrated StratusDrive project. 

The accompanying StratusVue Platform Mobile Application's Documents Module

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