One commitment is a primary commitment known as the accounting commitment; the other commitment is the secondary commitment known as the site commitment. The merge tool will combine the accounting commitment and the site commitment allowing the accounting API mapping to present after the merge is completed. 

Merge a site commitment with an accounting commitment: 

The option to merge two commitments is available to the role of Org Admins.

The merge option will merge two commitments, one accounting commitment (sync'd) and one site commitment (not sync'd).

All attachments to the site commitment will be moved to the accounting commitment.

The description, scope, exclusions, inclusions, additional info, resale certificate, master agreement number, Commitment Start Date, Commitment Days, PO Ordered By, PO Delivery Date, PO Ship Via, PO F.O.B. and PO Terms will carry over from the secondary commitment to the primary commitment at merge. 

The secondary commitment will be permanently deleted once the merge is completed.  This will leave one commitment in the project. 

Limitations to Commitment Merge:

The site commitment will not be available to merge with an accounting commitment if an existing change event has been authored to that commitment. 

Site workflow will not show after the merge is completed to the accounting commitment.

Transmittal’s listed within the site commitment will not show as a transmittal within the accounting commitment. 

The Attn: filed will not present on the accounting if only listed on the site commitment 

Once merged no further modifications can be made to the site commitment.