Master File being in use here are two approaches to free the file back up:



  1. Restart the server.



  1. If you are on version 17.1 or newer and using SQL Replicator or Mobile Projects, you must stop Replicating before performing these steps. Refer to article ID 86272 How to stop Mobile Projects Replicator
  2. Verify all users have exited all Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate and Sage Estimating applications.
  3. From your Windows taskbar, click Start and then select Run or press the Windows key + R, then type PCC.exe, then under Common Tasks, Monitor Server.
    • Alternative: Select Windows Start, All Programs, Actian PSQL 12, Utilities, PSQL Monitor.
  4. Click OK on the Select Server window.
  5. Select the MicroKernel Sessionstab to view the opened sessions from each user currently logged into Sage or has Sage running. The Session column will display the windows profile/user that currently has the session opened.
    • Note: If you are only wanting to view the active sessions or users, you can view from this window then skip to step 8.
    • Click down through and see what user is locking the Master.JCM file

  1. Re-verify that user or program has completely closed about of the software.
  2. Close open sessions as follows:
    • To close sessions for individual users: Right click on the row and select Delete MDKE session.
    • To close all open sessions: Click the Delete all sessions button that is located in the top right hand corner of screen. (Tip: If you hover over each icon, it will tell you its function.) Then click OK on the message "This operation will also delete SQL Connection Manager users. Are you sure you want to delete all sessions?"
  3. Exit the PSQL Monitor.
  4. Reopen JC and run initial operation that you couldn’t previously.