You can transmit from the top tool bar

Email Transmittal (Sample) : 

Machine generated alternative text:
Commercial Building (03-005) 
Anson Gmail •• 
to me 
- New Transmittal 
- 000003 
- dddf D 
Anson , you have received a transmittal from 
Project = Commercial Bui%g (03-005) 
subject dddf 000003 
Use the foBowhg unk to DowNoad a zip folder with any referenced folders Download Files 
the ink to any individual 
use the ink to Log hto the system fw more information or to see other transmittals Tmmcx•ittRts > - 000003 
DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL This is an automatic notification from


Three Options

  1. Zip Folder > If files have been referenced (link only there if files are referenced files) 
  2. Transmittal and Attached Files > attaching files to the transmittal will bind the transmittal and the files.
  3. View in Site



You can share from the file explore with the right click and share


ITB Referenced Documents:

Nothing is different from referencing documents from any other folder in the project.