Adding Project Members to the StratusDrive Project 

Before StratusDrive project permissions can be assigned to a Project Member, they must first be added to the StratusDrive Project as a Project Participant; this is what enables their access to collaborate on the project using StratusDrive.

1. Navigate to the Project Members section of the Project Setup module within the StratusVue Platform website

2. Select the Project Members that are being added to the StratusDrive project for access and collaboration

3. Use the Add Users button that is available in the top ribbon's StratusDrive section

4. When users are successfully added as Project Participants to the StratusDrive Project, the StratusDrive column of the project members grid will be populated with Yes

Managing StratusDrive Project Permissions

There are two ways to update permissions for StratusDrive enabled projects. Project level and folder level updates can be made both within the StratusVue Platform Website and in the local StratusDrive. Users will require elevated permissions to access these areas. Please note that the best practice is to update project participant's project permissions locally within StratusDrive.

Project Participant Permissions (Best Practice)

(Completed in the in the local drive)

1. Navigate to the local StratusDrive

2. Ensure the project being updated is selected as the active project in StratusDrive (StratusDrive Project Toolbar)

3. Right click on the project to open the StratusDrive context menu

4. Select Manage Project Participants

If the project member has a StratusVue Website user role of Project Admin, they will be listed as a Project Manager within StratusDrive. Project Admins/Project Manager are unable to limited by permissions in projects that they are a participant of. 

Note: Manage Project Participants page can only be open and modified by one StratusDrive User at a time.

View Only: Gives the user access to view files with built in StratusDrive viewers

Download: Gives the user permission to download files

Update: Gives the user permission to update existing files with a new version of the file

Create: Gives the user permission to create new files and folders

Delete/Move: Gives the user permission to delete and move files to other folders

Expiration Date: Allows for an expiration to be set to the user's access to the StratusDrive project files

Remove: Removes the user as a Project Participant from StratusDrive (Does not remove StratusDrive user from Project Members in website project)

Project Member Permissions 

(Completed in the StratusVue Platform Website)

1. Navigate to the Project Members section of the Project Setup module within the StratusVue Platform website

2. Open a StratusDrive enabled Project Member by selecting their name in the grid

3. Open the Permissions tab of their Project Member profile

4. Locate StratusDrive in the Project Permissions Grid

If the Project Member has a website role of Project Admin, they will automatically be set to have all permissions in the Folders/Files.

If a Project Member has a role of anything other than Project Admin in the website, when they are added to the StratusDrive project, they are set with no initial StratusDrive Permissions.  

Machine generated alternative text:
Item Type 
> (When the folder has bold font a sub folder 
exists within the folder) 
Project Members Report 
Project Setup 
Punch Lists 
Punch Lists Report 
R Fis 
RFIs Report 
> Specs 

    Read: Gives the user view and download permissions 

    Write: Allows the user to view, download, update, and create new folders and files

    Delete: Allows the User to move and/or delete the files 

    Read All: N/A


Note: Expanding the StratusDrive section will show the available folder structure within the StratusDrive project to be able to define access at the folder level within StratusDrive