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What is the StratusDrive Projects Toolbar? 

The StratusDrive Projects Toolbar is the quickest way to navigate between projects and My Files. StratusDrive only allows one Project or a User's My Files to be active at one time. 

Turning the Projects Toolbar On/Off

In the Local StratusDrive Login & Settings page, Users have the ability to "Display Projects Bar on Start". If the Projects bar is not showing it can be turned on by

1. Right click the StratusDrive icon in the System Tray

2. Select Turn Bar On/Off

The Projects Bar can be turned off using the same steps above, or by simply selecting the red x on it.

For Users that are collaborating within multiple StratusDrive Organizations, the first thing that needs to be set is the Organization in which the Project being accessed resides. 

One the Organization has been selected, the Project's dropdown will be updated to show the Projects available to the user within the selected Organization. 

Simply select a project (or my files) in the dropdown to make it the active project available within StratusDrive via the Windows File Explorer. 

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