Allowing navigation between projects. The projects bar can be closed by clicking red x and opened again from the file explore. 


Right Click on the drive 

Machine generated alternative text:
Bulk R— 
Open in new Window 
Pin to Quick 
Resto re previous versions 
with rebyt6 
p in to Stan 
Tum Projects On 
X Drive Saviæ 
Cornpa ny Stuff 
b' Ru 
ms pcm



With login information entered the drive will be available for use from the file explorer.  


Projects Bar Explained: 

The project bar will control the data that is within the file explore on the computer. 


First Box: represents the organization that contains the projects.


Second Box: 

My Files: Non-project specific files.  User can use this as a personal file location 


Project Names will be under My Files, these will be the listing of all of the projects you have permissions to view.


More:(only for project admin) 


Machine generated alternative text:
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