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About the Sage 300 Commitment Integration

When a project is integrated with Sage 300, there are additional rules that apply that come from the integrated Sage 300 Platform. Commitments must meet the requirements for synchronization to synchronize over the StratusVue-Sage 300 Connector as listed within this article

Commitment Number

Cannot exceed 12 characters and must be unique to the Organization. (Commitment numbers can only be used once)


Must have a Vendor Code (Vendor Company must have synchronized via User Groups - Sage 300 Integrated Address Book). The vendor code is assigned to the company profile in Sage300 AP vendor setup.

For More information about vendor synchronization please review: Rules for Sage 300 Vendor Synchronization

Commitment Lines

Cannot exceed 999,999.99. The Commitment total can exceed 999,999.

Cost Codes cannot be a Summary Cost Code (Cost Code does not end in -000).


Extras are defined by Sage300. A Commitment Item assigned to an Extra that does not exist on the Project will not sync. For More information regarding Extras in Sage 300, please refer to the Sage 300 Knowledge Base. If the project is not setup to utilize extras and an extra is selected, it will prevent the commitment from synchronizing with Sage 300. 

Purchase Order Items - Unit of Measure

Sage 300 will only accept units of measure that are 6 characters or less. The Unit of Measure dropdown within Cost Management is defined by Project Level List Management.

Released to Accounting

The Commitment must be flagged as "released to accounting" in order for it to synchronize with Sage 300 in the next project sync. 

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