Step 1: Forwarding the Original Submittal Package into your Folder Structure

Before forwarding the package review the submittal items and the attachments for more information or clarification.  It is better to get that information from the Originator prior to Forwarding.

  1. After reviewing the Submittal Package,  click on the Forward button in the upper ribbon:
  2. A pop-up window will appear for you to select which folder to put the package into, 
    1. Select your Contract Submittal Package Folder:
  3. Click on the Yellow Create Button


Step 2: Create your Submittal from the Forwarded Package

In this step you are going to be updating the Package information to your information

  1. Change the Required Information accordingly
    1. Submittal Package Number to your Submittal Numbering System for the Project
    2. Description as you want it presented
    3. Review the prepopulated Reviewing Company, PM and Sub and change if needed.
  2. Click Save



Step 3: Submitting For Review

At this point you have a Submittal Package which will include any of the items and attachments hat the Originator had provided.  Transmitting the Submittal package will following the same steps that are shown in Creating a Submittal Package , Step 4 and step 5. The following is a summary of those steps for brevity:

  1. Select the Submittal Items and the Attachments you want to Transmit
  2. Click on the Submit for Review button in the Upper Ribbon
  3. Fill out any Additional information in the Transmittal
  4. Confirm that the To: User is the Reviewing Party that you want
  5. Click on Transmit


Step 4: Returning the Submittal Package to the Originator

It is assumed that by this step you have received the reviewing parties status update and any additional attachments.  You are now ready to send it back to the Originator

  1. Check all of the submittal Item(s) and Attachment(s) you wish to return to the Sender.
  2. Click on the Return to Sub Button in the upper ribbon
  3. In the Transmittal make sure the Originator is in the To: field and any CC Users have been added as needed 
  4. Click on "Transmit in the Upper Ribbon.
  5. The Originator will receive an email to download the items and update their package accordingly