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Server 2012R2 – How to setup Task Scheduler to restart a service




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  • Find the service name of the services in services.msc:

  • Create a batch file to stop / start the service:

  • From Task Scheduler Library, click “Create Basic Task” in the action menu on the right:

  • Fill in the Name and click Next:

  • Set the trigger (i.e. daily) and click Next:


  • Set the time you want to run the task and click Next:

  • For Action, choose: Start a program and click Next:


  • Browse to the batch file you created and click next:

  • Select the “Open the Properties dialog… box and click Finish:


  • Modify the General tab:
  • To run the task as server administrator,
  • Run whether user is logged on or not
  • Run with highest privileges (example below is for a domain named NASSAL)
  • Click OK