Rules for Vendor Synchronization

How to get getting vendors contacts and companies to be usable in the cloud.


Rules for Company Sync

Within 300 – a company must (these items enable duplicate control)

1. Company must be Active (will not sync if inactive)

2. Company must have an address in either remittance or street

3. Company must have a zip code

4. Company must have a 10 digit phone number

5. A miscellaneous code (usually =1) in the company address book profile in Sage300 CRE


What sync's from Sage300 within a company profile (no person added to the company)

Company Name

Full Company Address

Primary Phone 

Vendor Code (if one is associated)

Machine generated alternative text:


Rules for Person Sync

Within a person record – person must

1. Person must be Active

2. Person must have first name & last name

2. Person must have an email address



What sync's from Sage300 within a persons profile

Company Name

Full Company Address

Company Vendor Code

First and Last Name

Business Phone

Cell Phone

Email Address

Job Title




Once synchronized, 

A person who sync's up does not automatically get system access – the person record after sync will need to be assigned a username and password in order to be able to login to the system.