How to restart the Connector Sage300: 

On the server you have Sage300 Installed on

  • Click Start (start typing) Service's, when you see it with a little gear icon click open.
  • Scroll down to "StratusVue.API"**** and select, then right mouse click over it and select "Restart" 


Event Viewer

Used to see why or what errors if any are present at synchronizations

On the server you have Sage300 installed on, Click Start (start typing) Event Viewer, when you see it with the little book icon, click open

Open on left side "Applications and ****" this may take a moment to open

When open click on StratusVue.API (on the left side)

On the right side click on "Filter" and select errors and warnings

This will show a list, each will have some tech speak, but will also show the reason behind any error or non-syncing data


Save the log and email a NON filtered copy to for additional support.