Upload Bid Package Documents


  • The Bid Package documents are stored within the Documents module. Click on the Plans link (or the desired folder to house the documents). 



  • Select/create a folder to house the documents (this is optional, documents do NOT have to be housed in a subfolder). In the top ribbon bar click New Document


                                                            You are here: Home \ Documents \ Plans 
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e W Document 


  • On the Document Upload screen, fill in the desired information. These fields are not required, but it will make the uploaded information of the documents easier.


  • There is an option to upload multiple files using the multiple uploader. Click the checkbox labeled Multiple Documents and then click Upload. This is recommended if adding multiple files at once or a large file. However, the single document upload may also be utilized at the bottom by clicking Choose File to choose a file from the computer's local environment. **Note: The single file uploader has a limit of 100MB. If a larger file is selected, it will not upload and will restart the process for adding documents**


To upload multiple 
documents, click the bo 
to the right. 
Upon refresh, click the 
upload button. This will 
enab/e drag-and-drop file 
selection and automatic 
naming/numbering of the 
Document Number 
CSI Division 
Issue Date 
ultiple Documents 
For multi-file upload use the drop-downs below to pre-fill common document information before you click the upload button below. 
Upload . 
Select Document Disc 
Select Document Status 
Select Document Type 
Choose Fik 
NO file Chosen 
For files over 100MB please use the Multiple Documents option.


  • Drag and drop files into the area that says "Drop Files Here…" or utilize the "Add More Files" button. After the files are added, click Upload to upload the files.


  1. Pre-Fill Document Information:
  2. None - No Document Number or Title information will be populated on the editing screen after uploading. Information will have to be entered manually.
  3. Number and Title based on the filename - The information will be filled based on the title name
  4. Auto-Increment based on a 3 digit scheme - The document number will be labeled as "001, 002, 003, etc."


                                            ocumen n orma on 
@ Number and Title based on the filename. 
Auto-Increment based on a 3 digit scheme. 
Files for upload 
Change view: 
Add more files or remove all files 
+Add more files 
Drop files here.. 
No files to upload 


  • Once the documents are finished uploading the screen will refresh and redirect to a document editing screen. When editing is complete, click Save to be taken back to the folder the files were uploaded to


  1. Number - Fill in the document number or edit as necessary
  2. Title - Fill in document title or edit as necessary
  3. Discipline - Choose the disciple from the dropdown. The icon to the right of the dropdown allows for the discipline to be copied down to all documents


B Upload Multiple Documents 
Pre-Fill Document Information 
AOL Symbols Abbre• 
A02 Finish Schedule Part 
A03 Door Schedule and 
AOL Symbols and Abbre• 
A02 Finish Schedule Part 
A03 Door Schedule and 
Di pun e 
Select Document Discipline 
Select Document Disci line 
AOI Symbols and Abbreviations.pdf 
A02 Finish Schedule Partition Types.pdf 
A03 Door Schedule and Details.pdf 


Bid Package Attachments


1. Navigate to the Bid Package that the documents are being referenced to, open it. 

2. Scroll down to the Attachments section of the Bid Package



Referenced Documents and Referenced Folders create a link to those documents and folders within the website. There is no file size limitation for these files as they will be downloaded from within the Bid Package.

Attachments are not referenced, they will be included as an attachment to the Invitation to Bid Email. 

WARNING: Many email providers have file size limitations. Referencing Folders and Files into the Bid Package from the Documents Module ensures that the Invitation to Bid Email is received by the bidder.

3. Select the corresponding reference option for what is being referenced:

Attach Folder

Attach Document

4. In the Document Selection Tool, select the Documents Module Section the folder or document resides in

5. Select the Folder or Document that is being referenced

NOTE: Folders will be noted with an arrow (>) and bolded, whereas document files will not

6. Use the Close & Attach Selected button to reference the selected files

7. Within the Attachments section of the Bid Package, the folders and files will be shown accordingly. 



  • The icon that appears next to the folder name will reflect the section of Documents where the folder resides.




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