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About Scheduled Reports

The My Dashboards Section's Scheduled Reports feature allows Project Members to setup filtered Project Reports to be sent out on an assigned schedule as PDF's. 

Creating a Scheduled Report

1.Select My Dashboards on the Navigation Tree


2. Select New Schedule to create new schedule


3. Select the Project and Report Module Section that you will be creating a Scheduled Report for


List of available Project Report Module Sections to setup scheduled reports:

  • RFI's
  • Submittals
  • Issues
  • Expediting Logs
  • Change Orders
  • Punch Lists
  • Daily Logs
  • Meetings
  • Documents
  • Bid Packages


4. Select Next


5. Enter the filters and sorting that will be applied to the report that is being scheduled and select Refresh(1) to apply the filters, the select Next (2) (Please also refer to Project Level Reports)

Note: Print can be used here to preview the report before selecting next



6. Enter the schedule that this scheduled report needs to be sent on.

Report Sending Time - Select the time of day for the report to be sent.

Note: All StratusVue Platform Websites are Central Time Zone (CST)

Recurrence Pattern - Enter the reoccurrence pattern that this report should be sent

Range of Recurrence - The Start and End date of the report recurrence

Note: If no End Date is entered, then the No End Date checkbox needs to be selected.

 The report will not be generated as scheduled if an option for End Date is not selected


7. On the right, choose the Project Member Recipients that need to receive this report as scheduled. Select Add Selected Project Members button


8. The Recipients grid will be updated to include the list of recipients that have been added to the scheduled report

Note: The creator of the report (the user logged in) will automatically receive a copy of the scheduled report by default and does not need to be listed as a recipient.


9. Select Save

Editing a Scheduled Report

After a scheduled report has been created, the filters that were applied cannot be modified. If updated filters are needed, you will need to delete the current scheduled report and generate a new one. Only the schedule and recipients can be modified after the scheduled report is created. 

1.Select My Dashboards on the Navigation Tree

2. Select the scheduled report that is being modified in the Saved Schedules grid by selecting in the Report column

3. Make updates as needed to the schedule and recipients

4. Select Save

Deleting a Scheduled Report

1.Select My Dashboards on the Navigation Tree


2. Checkmark the scheduled report that is being deleted


3. Select Delete Selected Schedule

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