Submittal Workflow is a function that allows for an additional review process to be completed within a submittal package. Submittal Workflow can be used for projects that have a multi-review, or multiple person review process for Submittals. The workflow allows for a simple thumbs up and thumbs down function that initiates an email notification to the next listed workflow participant regarding a Submittal Package. This workflow is in addition to the main submittal package review functions.  The workflow captures the date and time stamp that the participant completed their action and moved the workflow along to the next participant. Workflow allows users process submittal packages for review based on a sequence, or order of action that defined at the project level. This job aid shows you how to create workflows for submittal packages. 



Modify the list of workflow actions


  1. In the Project Defaults module click List Management and select Workflow Actions from the drop-down.  This is the list of actions you’ll be able to assign to project members when you automate the workflow.



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  1. Select the list item by clicking on the List Name


  1.  Modify the item and then click Save.


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  1. Add or modify items as needed to finalize your list. The same list is used for submittals as for cost management workflows, so be sure to include all actions needed.


Set up a workflow sequence


  1. Within the Project Management module click Submittals and scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the Workflow Maintenance section.


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  1. Click Create New Workflow.



  1. Click New Item. This will appear after you click the new workflow button.



  1. Next, Complete the following actions:
    1. Select the Action. The options are from the Workflow Actions list in List Management.
    2. Select the user who will complete the action. 
    3. Enter the number of days in which the review must be completed under Days for Review.
    4. Enter an Order of Action. This is a number indicating the place in the sequence. 
    5. Click the check to the left of the item to save it and continue adding reviewers as needed.



When you open a subfolder to create the submittal package, the workflow you created at the top level is inherited by the next level.  You can change the required actions for a specific subfolder if needed.