Workflow Maintenance Setup


  • On the Project Home Page, select Contract Events in the Cost Management Module. Scroll to the bottom of the page, to the Workflow Maintenance section, and click Create New Workflow



  • Click New Item



  • Select an Action and the name of the person who is responsible for it
    1. Under Days for Review, enter the number of days within which the review must be completed
    2. Under Order of Action, enter the sequence number for the reviewer
    3. Click the check button to save the review step



  • Continue adding items until you are finished. When more than one reviewer is set up, notifications are sent sequentially based on the number in the Order of Action column
    1.  If multiple reviewers have the same Order of Action number, the notification is sent simultaneously 
    2. When you create and approve a contract change order, the workflow is triggered and subsequent reviewers receive an email informing them that the change order needs to be reviewed



  • Now go to Cost Management > Commitment Info. Scroll to the Workflow Maintenance section and create the workflows that should be applied to commitments.


***NOTE: Commitment change order workflows can be created after a commitment change order is entered. You’ll find the Workflow Maintenance list in each vendor’s subfolder under Cost Management > Commitment Events***