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About Markup on a Contract Cost Event

Markup is automatically defined on all Contract Cost Events (with the exception of Internal Change Orders) by the Default Contract Event Markup that is setup within Project Defaults. Markup will automatically be calculated and totaled as Cost Event Items are added.

Please note, Contract Cost Events using Multiple Contract Items, Markup will be calculated to the selected Contract Item of the Cost Event Item. 

Editing Markups Once Applied to a Contract Event

Markup that is applied to a Contract Item cannot be modified. Please refer to Markup-Applied-to-a-Selected-Contract-Item for more details.

1. Navigate to the Contract Cost Event where markup is being edited

2. Scroll down to the Add-On, Overhead, Markup & Fee Calculations grid

3. Expand the markup table by selecting the arrow to the left.

4. Use the pencil icon to the left to open the markup to be edited.

5. Edit the markups as needed. 

Modifying the percentage (%) value will recalculate the applicable markups based on the new percentage when the save checkmark is used to the left. 

Modifying the dollar ($) value will update the applicable markups to the new assigned dollar value when the save checkmark is used to the left. The percentage will show as blank to indicate that a value was entered and the value is not calculated based on a percentage.

One the markups have been modified, the Modified? column will show with a checkbox to indicate that this markup was modified to be different than what is set in Project Defaults. 

To reset markup back to the Project Default markup, simply select the Restore to Default button at the bottom of Add-on, Overhead, Markup & Fee Calculations grid.

Excluding Markup

Markup can be excluded from being applied in two ways:

  • A specific Cost Event Item by de-selecting the Markup checkbox within the line item.

  • A specific Cost Event Contract Item by de-selecting Include on the markup within the Add-on, Overhead, Markup & Fee Calculations Grid

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