Project Permissions

Permission Levels can be customized by project if required.


In the project, go to Project Setup and click Project Members and select a Project Member from the list


NOTE: Users assigned to the project administrator role can see all areas of a project regardless of their project permission settings. You don’t need to make these changes for project administrators.


  • Click the Permissions tab, and define task permissions for this user



  • The following table explains what happens when  the Allow setting for each feature is selected. Sub-folders will also need access granted that are not public. That can be done on this page as well. When finished, click Update.  


Read:Allows the user to see the Section or Sub-folder link.  Allows the user to read ONLY items inside the Section or Sub-folder that they are assigned  (To, From, CC, Responsible, etc.)  Allows for collaboration. Collaboration allows for the Project Member to upload attachments, participate in discussions, and add CC users (where applicable).
Read All:Must be layered on top of read.  Allows the user to read ALL items inside the Section or Sub-folder, whether they are assigned inside the item or not.  Allows for collaboration to all items inside the Section or Sub-folder. 
Write:Allows the User to author/create new items in the Section or Sub-folder.
Delete:Allows the user to delete items and folders within the Section or Sub-folder.

Folder Access

In addition to module section permissions, users might also need access to sub-folders in the related project management area in order to access items within that folder. For example, in order to create an RFI, a user needs permission to the RFI section, as well as permission to at least one folder under Project Management > RFIs. Use these instructions to assign folder access.


  • In the project, go to Project Management.


  • Go to an area under Project Management, and click one of the sub-folders. This example shows Project Management > Transmittals > Subcontractor Transmittals.


  • Click Folder Access



  • Click Add, and select the check boxes next to the project members you want to add to the folder. (If the users are not yet project members, click Add Users to add them.)


  • Click Assign


  • Select the access level to assign to each user as described here, and then click Update.