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About The User Selection Tool

The User Selection tool is a system tool that is available throughout various areas of the StratusVue Platform website. It is a tool that allows searching the existing person database for Contact and User Profiles. For more information regarding the difference between the two types of person profile, please refer to the Users vs. Contacts article. 

The User Selection Tool is used to add Project Members to projects, assign people to items (as CC's or Responsible) within the project, add bidders to bid packages, among other things as they relate to people within the StratusVue Platform website. 

User Selection Tool Views

There are 4 different views that are available within the User Selection Tool. The information 


The view of Public-All is the "public" StratusVue Platform website database of site members at the site level.  Organization level, or tenant data, that is held within Organization User Groups is not included to this "public" database until the same profile is used by two different tenant organizations within the same StratusVue Platform website. 

This view must be searched in order to return results. 

Project Members

The view of Project Members is the default view of the User Selection tool everywhere except when adding Project Members to projects. This view is the list of Project Members on the project. 

Selecting any person profile outside of the Project Members view from within Project Items will add the selected user as a Project Member to the project. By giving access to an item, you are granting access to the project. 

My Organization Members

The view of My Organization Members is a view that is available to show a list of all the people profiles associated to same company as the logged in User. 

My User Groups

The view of My User Groups is a view of the available Organization User Groups that have been created for the logged in User's organization.  When this view is selected, the User Selection Tool can also be filtered by User Group Category and to a specific User Group.

Searching, Queuing, & Adding People via the User Selection Tool

Within all of the available views of the User Selection tool, each of the column headers at the top have the ability to be searched. When entering search criteria, it will return results based EXACTLY on what is input into the white search boxes. The recommended search field is email, as this is the identifier of a person profile within the StratusVue Platform website. 

To queue users for adding, select the checkbox to the left of their profile. The User Selection Tool will queue the selected users - notated to the bottom left. 

Once all of the users being selected have their checkbox, use the Close & Add Selected button at the bottom of the User Selection tool to add the users.

Please note, the Cancel & Create New User button is available to quickly create a new user that is not found when searching the User Selection tool. This will cancel any selections that have been made and navigate the User to the User Create Form.

This feature is currently ONLY functional in the Project Members section of the project. 

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