Logging into a StratusVue Solution Website uses a license. Licenses are designated when a user/employee of the tenant customer (site subscriber) logs into the system. Licenses limit how many employees from the customer's company can be logged into the system at any given time. Licenses are purchased as part of the subscription. 

External users, or collaborators, do not use a license when logging into a StratusVue Website Solution as these user's are differentiated from the site subscribers logins.  If the user profile is not associated with the tenant customer's company, that user profile's logins do not count toward the purchased concurrent licensing. 

To ensure that the same person/employee does not use multiple licenses, it is imperative to use the Logout! button located on the upper right-hand corner. Using the [X] on the browser does not terminate the logged in session with the server. 

Note: If a User using a license does NOT use the logout button, the license will remain assigned to that user until that user's session times out.

Organization Admins have the ability to see the Employee Logins Tab in the Organization Location & Project Toolbar. In this screen, the Organization Admin is able to see the number of concurrent licensed assigned,  who is logged in, the last action time of the user profile, and the login method

Licenses can be purchased in increments of 5.

For StratusVue Customers: Please email accounting@stratusvue.com

For SageCPC Website Customers: Please email cresubscription@sage.com with a CC to accounting@stratusvue.com