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About Organization User Groups

A User Group is a collection of StratusVue contact and user profiles (Users vs. Contacts) for a Tenant Organization within a StratusVue Platform website. This "container" of profiles is similar to a distribution list when sending an email and is a central location of a specific subset of people profiles within the StratusVue Platform website. User Groups are created and maintained at the Organizational Level by Organization Admins and users with the Site Level Permission to Manage Users. 

Who and Where can User Groups be Accessed? 

Organizations Admins can access and manage User Groups via Organization Setup on the Navigation Tree 

Organization Admins and Organization Users with the Site Level Permission to Manage Users can manage and access User Groups via User Administration on the Navigation Tree

These User Groups are then available at the project level for Project Members to select from using the System Tool: The User Selection Tool

Create an Organization User Group

User Groups can be created by Organization Admins and Organization Users with the Site Level Permission to "Manage Users".

1. Navigate to the Organization User Groups section (Either from Organization Setup or User Administration within the Navigation Tree)

2. Select Create within the top ribbon

3. Enter the User Group Name & Description

4. Select Save

5. Select Up in the top ribbon to be taken up a level to the list of available User Groups

Adding Existing Person Profiles to a User Group

Site User contact and User profiles can be created within a User Group. Please refer to Managing Site Users for more information about creating new Site Users. 

To add/search for existing profiles to the User Group:

1. Navigate to the Organization User Groups section that users will be added to

2. Select Add Users in the top ribbon

3. Using the People Picker (opens in a new tab of the browser), search for the existing Person Profile by typing into one of the white boxes and using enter on the keyboard

4. Select the user and either select queue users (to queue this user and search additional users to add) or Close and Add Selected

Once Close & Add selected is used, the selected people will be added to the User Group

Removing Site User Profiles from a User Group

Removing a person profile from a user group does not remove the profile from the Site, only from the User Group. 

1. Navigate to the Organization User Group that a profile will be removed

2. Search/Locate that profile within the User Group

3. Select Remove to the right

User Group Categories

Organizations also have the ability to create User Group Categories. User Group Categories are folders that can be used additional way to organize various User Groups. Categories are not required. 

1. In the top ribbon, select Categories

2. Select Create

3. Enter the Category Name and Category Description

4. Select Save

The screen will refresh to the User Groups section and the new category folder will be available within the Group Categories grid. 

User Groups can then be created within that category 

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