Project templates are used to provide a consistent structure for each new project created from the template within Your Site.


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Add Project 
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01 Project Template: 
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Edit Project Delete Project 
Project Number 



Why Use Project Templates:


Project templates are empty projects, which can be configured for specific project types so that common repeat tasks do not need to be completed at the creation of each project.  

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Create from Template (Please Choose one) 
Project Name 
Project Number * 
Simple Template


A project template can contain these elements to be brought forward into new projects created from the Project Template:

  • A customized list of CSI codes.
  • Document and project management folder structures.
  • Master bid lists and packages.
  • Default settings for submittal, RFI, expediting, and transmittal processing (Project Defaults).
  • Project Members (and their set role, permissions, and folder access).
  • Workflow for submittals and cost management.