The Edit Project Tab allows you to change the information about your project such as the Name and Location, Description and Project Logo.

  1. On the Landing page, under Project Setup, select Project Defaults

  1. Select the "Edit Project" tab

  1. Select "Choose File" at the bottom of the page to browse your computer files

  1. Select your photo, and then click "Open" (Note: this may look different depending on what Operating system you are using. This example was done with a Mac; Windows may have a different confirmation button)

  1. You should see your logo filename next to the "Choose File" button now. Once you have confirmed it is the correct file, select "Save". The page will refresh and your logo will appear under the "Choose File" button.

  1. Scroll to the top of the page and select the "Defaults" tab.  Once the page loads, scroll the bottom of the page and select the check box that says "Use Project Logo for Reports" under the Project Logo Settings section. Click "Update". Your Project Logo will now appear on your Reports.