StratusVue does not Support Sage 300, our services integrate with it via the StratusVue-Sage 300 connector. Should you need assistance with your Sage 300 please contact them, or your sales partner directly. 

Sage 300 Online Resources: Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate - Sage Knowledgebase 

Sage 300 Phone Number: 800-551-8307 

Telephone Menu Options

  1. Installation, Networking, Estimating, eTakeoff, Job Cost, My Assistant or Sage My Communicator for Outlook
    1. Installation or Networking
    2. Estimating or eTakeoff
    3. Job Cost
    4. My Assistant or Sage My Communicator for Outlook
  2. Payroll, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, or Cash Management
    1. Payroll
    2. Accounts Payable
    3. General Ledger or Cash Management
  3. Accounts Receivable, Contracts, Billing, Project Management, Address Book or Construction Anywhere or Sage Mobile Solutions
    1. Accounts Receivable, Contracts, or Billing
    2. Project Management or Address Book
    3. Construction Anywhere
  4. All Other Questions
    1. Purchase Order, Inventory, or Service Management
    2. Property Management or Residential Management
    3. Document Management
    4. Equipment Management
    5. Sage Paperless Construction
    6. Sage Construction Project Center or Sage Bid Management
    7. Sage Service Operations