Have you ever wondered what happened to that great idea you told us about, the one we said we were going to look into, the one we promised we would get back to you about?  Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore.   

What is a Feature Request?  A Feature Request is a request for a new feature to be added to the site.  Feature Requests can be made by Org Admins or End Users.  They may include things such as additional navigation, new reports, or any other type of increased product functionality. 

How do I submit a Feature Request?   To submit a Feature Request, by posting the the StratusVue Forums page.  

Visit StratusVue Feature Request Forum

What happens with a Feature Request once I submit it?   When Feature Requests are submitted, they are sent to the Product Development team for review.  Here, Feature Requests will be compared with the Development Roadmap.  If the request is on the roadmap and can be integrated with other ideas that are already being developed, the request will be Selected for Development.  If the request is not on the roadmap, it will be sent to the Feature Request Survey program.  Here, requests from all users can be reviewed and voted on by you for inclusion in upcoming releases.  If the request is not selected for development when it is polled, it will be saved and eventually polled again.  If a Feature Request has been polled twice but not selected for development, we will archive the request and compare it with our roadmap at a later date. 


How do I follow up with a Feature Request once I submit it?   To follow up with your Feature Request, view the Feature Request Forum on Freshdesk.